Program/Application: Herbal Risings, a Net Tech Way company

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Testing Policies
Herbal Risings testing policies may be reviewed by visiting the testing and policies page.

Herbal Risings Program Policies


Exchange/Cancellation Policies

Herbal Risings programs and services are non-refundable. If the Program was to issue refund, the Program would suffer loss including Enrollment Fees, Diploma Fees, and Certification fees, Program marketing and promotional materials fees, catering fees, venue cancellation fees, and administrative Fees.

Exchange Policies
The Program will make the following attempts to exchange products and services on the following occurrence.
-exchange workshop for (2) online courses of similar interest and 1 resume blast (must submit request at
-exchange 1 online course for 1 online course, pay the difference if applicable (must not have been issued a certificate).
-exchange 1 online course for 1 workshop and pay the difference (must not have been issued a certificate).
-exchange 1 workshop for 1 workshop (while seating lasts).

Cancellation Policy

Online Courses
Online courses may be exchanged for other online courses as noted above in exchange policy, only if coursework has not begun. If coursework has begun, no exchange will be made. There are NO refunds for online courses.

Live Class Seat Tickets

Live class, group class, and workshop seat tickets are non-refundable. Once you commit to a seat ticket and your registration fee is paid, we trust that you will keep your promise to attend. Once your registration fee is received, we order catering, and books/supplies are personalized. If you know you are unable to attend class, you must contact the office within 3 days at 602-476-8868 or email and request a transfer to another program or class. If the program was to issue a refund, we would incur fees for enrollment processing, administration, catering, book materials, prizes, speaker compensation, and other registration fees. For that reason, our enforcement board has placed a strict lockdown on refunds. No refunds will be issued for seat tickets.

Other Cancellations: An applicant requesting cancellation more than three days after making initial payment, but prior to attending class, is subject to an exchange review (refund to be minus administrative/registration fee of up to $198 not to exceed $300, if applicable). These fees are substantial and may include certificate issuance fee, certificate cancellation fee, consultant fee, booklet restock fee, meal cancellation fee, and withdrawal and account fee.

Membership: Enrollment in classes, courses, workshops, events, and services includes membership to network of marijuana professionals.

Live Class Terms:

1. The Program does not guarantee job placement to graduates upon program/course completion or upon graduation. It is up to you to do your footwork to get a job.

2. The Program reserves the right to reschedule the program start date when the number of students scheduled is too small, or in the event of an emergency or disaster.

3. The Program will not be responsible for any statement of policy or procedure that does not appear in the class catalog or website,

4. The Program reserves the right to terminate the member’s status for nonpayment of fee or failure to abide by School or Proxy rules. Defamatory remarks are grounds for immediate termination of certificate, status, and membership in the Program.

5. The Program owns the copyright over the workbooks, curriculum, and class agendas. Members may not copy or reproduce The Programs materials without written permission.The student acknowledges no efforts will be made to compete with the Program without immediate legal action being taken.

Books, supplies and fees: All workbooks and certificates are ordered upon registration and inclusive of live, seminar, group, and workshops. All other fees such as certificate reprints, contest entries, are resume services are additional.

Profiles & Media
Users create profiles with the intention of sharing information publicly. Photos, videos, aliases, background and skills, work experience, bio, & any other information you choose to share may be made available to the public. On-campus courses are recorded and photographed for demonstration, quality control, security, and promotional purposes. On-campus participants who do not wish to appear on camera must submit a request for off-camera seating at prior to the event for off-camera seating.

Certificates, Tickets, Diplomas
Diplomas, certificates and other important information about your on-campus workshop may be mailed to you. Please make sure that Herbal Risings has your correct mailing address. Failure to update your account with a current address could result in a certificate or ticket reprint fee.